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Health Watch! ModuleTORONTO, CAN — February 10th, 2006 — A cross-curricular project-based learning module, the Health Watch! Module has been released by Core Learning that integrates health curriculum with curriculum standards in art, language arts, science, social studies and technology.

“It is a very thoroughly developed module that requires students to proactively apply the information presented in the software program to perform additional investigations on health information. It tasks their research, creativity, creative writing and presentation skills. That is why it is such a valuable exercise - it challenges them to employ a variety of skills required in different aspects of the middle school curriculum,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning.

Designed for Grades 5 to 8 based on both national and New York State curriculum standards, the Health Watch! Module incorporates reading, writing, and critical thinking skills into the activities of the project. Students become authorities on a variety of health topics and they will share their new knowledge with their classmates. Create brochures, perform a scavenger hunt, prepare a research project, give tours of the body, write a Public Service Announcement, and make presentations to the school and community through a Health Expo: these are just a few of the tasks students will perform using this comprehensive, interdisciplinary project.

The Health Watch! Module is based on three of the five software titles in Core Learning's Family Health Series. “We have the only fully comprehensive software offering that covers both elementary and middle school health curriculum sufficiently that collections of our titles provide the only software based textbooks in K to 8 health education,” said Hatch. “With over 1000 screens of content, 74 quizzes and games, the content of the Series is unparalleled in health software yet the highly engaging interactivity of the software is present to help children become interested in health issues that are so important to their well-being.”

One of the challenges with any educational resource is having something for teachers to immediately use in the classroom. In many cases, time is needed to investigate the resource and develop lesson plans around the resource. We have done this work for them. By creating the Health Watch! Module, we've scripted out a powerful learning experience for their students that can be used right away.

The Module includes a color-printed instructional booklet (also supplied in PDF form on CD-ROM), site licenses for Volumes 1 to 3 of the Family Health Series (The Body, Illnesses & Injuries, and Staying Healthy), and their companion Lesson Builder CD-ROM programs (which include additional resources for teachers, including fact sheets, worksheets, tests, graphics, and screens of content from the program for lesson creation). In addition to the health software titles used in the Module, as a graphics program is needed, a special price is extended to Module purchasers for Core Learning's award-winning art and creativity software, corefx Three Level .

In consultation with Core Learning, the Health Watch! project was prepared by TechKnow Associates , experts in project-based learning and integration of technology with curriculum.

Core Learning is a publisher of K-12 educational resources for home and school use. For more information: or send inquiries to .

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