Calculation Skills Adopted by Georgia

PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 13, 2006 – Core Learning’s Calculation Skills Series, has been adopted by the state of Georgia for Kindergarten to grade 8 math. Core Learning will enter a 7 year agreement with the State of Georgia for the supply of site licenses for its Calculation Skills Series for the duration of the option period.

Georgia’s textbook adoption process for K to 8 math considered textbooks and supplementary materials submitted by nearly 30 publishers. All math resources were submitted with correlations to state math curriculum. Presentations were made to the State Textbook Evaluation Committee and submitted materials were deposited at various locations around the state, giving teachers and parents an opportunity to review and comment on them. Recommendations of the Committee were then submitted to Georgia’s Board of Education for approval.

“We are thrilled to have this adoption,” said Doug Hatch, President of Core Learning. “This was the first adoption submission we have made and it affirms the great educational value offered by our Calculations Skills Series.”

Core Learning’s submission for the 2006 textbook adoption for Mathematics included the four Calculation Skills Series titles: Addition and Subtraction - Basic Level, Multiplication and Division - Basic Level, Addition and Subtraction – Advanced Level, and Multiplication and Division – Advanced Level. Each title offers not only instruction on learning math facts and doing mental arithmetic, but also provides calculation practice to develop calculation skills. Results are saved to allow assessment of skill level and learning progress. All titles are available in English and Spanish.

Core Learning is a publisher of technology-based learning solutions for the K to 12 market. In addition to math, it publishes titles in language, art, health and critical thinking.


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