Core Learning Announces Launch of
Core Mind Builder Collection

Professionally-Designed Brain Teaser PC Software Keeps Minds Active, Nimble

Core Mind Builder CollectionPHILADELPHIA, PA , September 12, 2007 – Core Learning is pleased to announce the launch of its Core Mind Builder Collection, a personal computer-based software series aimed at using mentally challenging tests and exercises to help sharpen and develop mental abilities and improve memory.

“There is a growing interest in our ageing society for people to do things which keep their minds busy and sharp,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning. “Coming from a strong, award-winning educational background, we feel we have a lot of proven resources for developing critical thinking skills. We selected and modified these resources to focus on mental fitness for adults, and the result is the Core Mind Builder Collection, an outstanding collection of tests and exercises that are fun and easy for people to use on their home computers.”

Core Learning's Core Mind Builder Collection is different from other popular brain development products in that the software creators have a history of developing industry-leading educational programs, as opposed to games and entertainment. The Collection is also more accessible and easy to use by a greater number of people since there is no special hardware necessary to run the software, which works on any personal computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista .

The Core Mind Builder Collection includes Core Mind Builder and Core Mind Builder Pro Editions. Core Mind Builder includes hundreds of stimulating multiple choice and simple text questions, designed by top MENSA puzzle editors and test experts. Users can choose a difficulty level, and then increase the challenge as they become more competent. Critical thinking tests help users think more clearly, analyze situations more efficiently and learn to recognize patterns in seemingly confusing situations. Math exercises are included to challenge both working and long-term memory to keep memory function efficient, and support general mental processing capability. Core Mind Builder has been highly rated as a preparation program for SAT and other types of entrance exams.

Core Mind Builder Pro includes four brain building software programs. In addition to the basic Core Mind Builder software, the Pro Edition also includes Core IQ Builder, which tests and broadens general intelligence abilities, Core Career Builder, which is a practical test of verbal, math and other skills commonly assessed and valued by employers, and Core Aptitude Builder, where users employ math, verbal and general intelligence tests to explore personality traits, attitudes and abilities to suggest suitable careers.

Core Mind Builder, which is suitable for ages 12 through adult, retails for $19.95, and Core Mind Builder Pro retails for $39.95.


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