Purely Patterns Project Released by Core Learning

coreFX Three Level PHILADELPHIA , PA – March 1, 2007 – Core Learning has announced the release of Purely Patterns: Connecting Mathematics, Art and Nature, its second project-based learning module that integrates the use of its educational software with cross-curricular activities aimed at student-centered learning.

“Patterns are present in the natural world, in art, and in mathematics,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning. “This project helps bridge these three subject areas, ensuring the project's activities are an enriching experience for students. Activities are built around the use of the art tools in our corefx Three Level program and the instructional content of our Math Courses, especially our Geometric Shapes Course.”

Project-based learning involves students working in groups for an 8-12 week period allowing them to study multiple aspects of the curriculum through the project activities. Research, creative writing, design, presentations and public speaking are present in each project. The Purely Patterns project follows Core Learning's Health Watch! project which was focused primarily on healthy living. Each project is suited for Grades 5 to 9 and relies on the award winning corefx Three Level, widely rated as the best art software program available for the K-12 education market.

Core Learning is a publisher of software, books, project-based learning modules, and online applications for use at home and school.


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