New Software offers tools for digital artists of all ages and skill sets

coreFX Three LevelTORONTO, CAN — June 14th, 2005 — Combining advanced graphical technology with user-friendly, intuitive controls, Toronto-based Core Learning has released their new corefx Three Level software, a creative expression suite that allows users to draw, paint, and animate their own images. corefx Three Level allows all users, even the very young or inexperienced, to create stunning images and animation with ease.

With three pre-configured interfaces that tailor the software for individuals with a variety of different skill levels (Basic- 5 and up, Junior- 9 and up, and Advanced, 13 and up), corefx Three Level guides users through the different steps of the painting, drawing, animation, and photo editing processes. And while corefx Three Level is a fun and easy set of tools that will instantly entertain children for hours, the Activity Guide, Reference Guide, and animated Program Tour offer valuable instruction to develop creative skills in visual arts, graphic design, web page creation, animation, and photo-editing. Want to work with crayon, chalk, watercolor, or acrylic? Want to know how to use and mix colors? Want to learn to draw people, animals, or landscapes? Want to add animation, clip art, or photos to school projects? Want to touch-up the family photographs? The versatile program does all this and more.

“There are many art, graphics, and photo-editing software products on the market but many of the most popular products are quite complex to learn how to use,” said Doug Hatch, President of Core Learning. “Nothing compares to corefx in terms of the range of creative tools, immediate ease of use, and opportunity for skill development. Core Learning offers educational products that support basic skill development and corefx is an important product for developing basic computer skills as well as functional creative skills.”

corefx Three Level supplies users with a comprehensive set of artists’ tools, including charcoal, felt tip pens, coloring pencils, and many others- all of which can be mixed or blended for a variety of different visual effects. In addition to the endless number of images users can create on their own, corefx Three Level provides thousands of images in its Stamp Library, all of which can be resized, flipped, skewed, and transformed in a number of different ways. Users can also create and save their own artwork as stamps for future use.

In an attempt to further the educational experience of corefx Three Level’s younger users, Core Learning offers a series of tools that allow users to create stories with clip art, web graphics, or digital photographs. Children can use these tools to create animated school projects or personalized gifts for friends and family. Any images or series of images created with corefx Three Level can be saved and used on the Internet, with Desktop Publishing programs, presentation, or word processing software.

Core Learning’s corefx Three Level software is priced at $54.95, and is available from and Software Express. Additional information regarding the corefx Three Level software or other education programs from Core Learning is available at

About Core Learning

Founded by a group of professional educators and parents, Core Learning strives to provide schools and parents with quality educational resources that help children develop fundamental learning and life skills. Core Learning focuses on providing products that encourage the development of “core skills”- skills that provide a foundation for higher education and future academic growth. The company’s software products teach children fundamentals of mathematics, art, language, and health sciences, and are available from and other major software retailers. Additional information about Core Learning and its products can be found at

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