Core Learning Expands Software Offering To Address Science, Music, and Art Subjects

PHILADELPHIA, PA – March 12, 2010 – Core Learning has broadened its K-12 educational software offering to include four new titles in Science, Music, and Art.

“We are very pleased to release science software for the first time as well as to significantly strengthen our Fine Arts software offering with the addition of music composition and video and sound production software,” said Doug Hatch, President and CEO of Core Learning. “Our product line now provides excellent coverage of the most important areas of K-12 curriculum plus our programs provide strong support for the development of skills needed in a knowledge-based economy.”

The new software includes:

Junior Simulation Insight and Simulation Insight contain a collection of simulation models that provide an alternative to lab experiments, enable adjustment of input data to demonstrate scientific principles, and generate graphs and other data presentations. Useful to present in class or for independent study, these programs enliven the science curriculum for middle school and high school. Understanding the use of technology in science is also supported as the software tools enable the construction of unique simulation models. Science teachers will enjoy the comprehensive Activity Guides that support these programs.

Notate 2 is an intuitive musical composition program easily managed by beginners, but includes sophisticated features for composing and recording complex musical arrangements. The program is loaded with features and resources to develop music skills and music composition. Notate 2 can be used independently by students but it is also designed for classroom presentations with an interactive whiteboard. Music teachers will appreciate the Teacher Guide and a Manual of Pupil Activities included with the software.

Revelation Sight and Sound a powerful, easy to use software program for making and editing video, film and sound files. It includes tools needed to make radio programs, slide shows and motion pictures, including animations, from simple to sophisticated ones. Revelation Sight and Sound is a complementary product to Core Learning’s award-winning corefx® Three Level. The program is also supported by an extensive Activity Guide helping students to understand the principles for directing motion pictures.


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