New Health Curriculum from Core Learning!

PHILADELPHIA , PA – June 15, 2010 – Core Learning has announced the release of three new health courses specially designed for delivery of health education curriculum for elementary and middle schools. The courses are available in installable software formats but also as online learning subscriptions.

“While the content of our Family Health Series is excellent and meets the curriculum requirements for a complete K-8 health education, it was organized topically and there were opportunities to reorganize and update these materials”, said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning. “Core Health I is focused on elementary health curriculum, Core Health II is focussed on middle school health curriculum and Core Health III addresses critical emotional health issues for teens and pre-teens. The grade alignment for Core Health III is grades 5 to 10. We believe that this is the most comprehensive, technology-delivered health curriculum available for K-8 students.”

The new courseware enables student registration and progress tracking. Health teachers can use the interactive files for classroom presentations with interactive whiteboards. The digital resources also include printable fact sheets and practice sheets . The complete Core Health Course Series contains 80 interactive lessons covering K-8 health curriculum.

Core Learning also believes that having the opportunity to subscribe online can have real health benefits. “Health begins in the home”, stated Doug Hatch of Core Learning. “Having access at home to these course materials that are presented in such an easy and enjoyable manner, gives parents a real opportunity to learn about nutrition and various health and wellness issues that affect their children's health. Better informed parents should improve support at home for their children's health. Besides, a one year subscription only costs about 50 cents per year per child for each course.”


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