Core Learning Expands Crayola® Art Software Offering

PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 12, 2010 – Core Learning has added four new Crayola art and creativity titles that are complementary products to Core Learning's award-winning Crayola® Art Studio.

“We are excited to add these four art and creativity software programs to our current software offering,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning. “Our success with Crayola Art Studio encouraged us to expand the range of software features to suit the creative needs of children of all ages and experience.”

The new children's art software: titles are:

Crayola® Art StartCrayola® Art Start is an easy to learn draw and paint program that targets beginner level users. The program is loaded with fun features and resources that encourage artistic exploration. It includes four digital art tools with realistic effects, hundreds of creativity starters, and a multitude of pre-set colors. Unique colors can also be created on digital palettes. Parents, caregivers, and teachers will appreciate the Activity Guide, User Manual, and Program Tour included with the software.


Crayola® Animation StudioCrayola® Animation Studio brings artwork to life! The program combines sequences of images to generate moving images, using a film frame metaphor. It includes five realistic art tools. View the previous frame as a shadow when you are drawing the current frame to help orient a moving image. Exciting animation clips can be simply created in minutes! The program is also supported by an extensive Activity Guide to help learn the principles of animation.



Crayola® PhotoFX StudioCrayola® PhotoFX Studio provides easy to use tools to edit digital photographs and add fun special effects to photographs including coloring, lightening, darkening, sharpening, and smearing. It includes five realistic art tools and templates for creation of greeting cards, invitations, planners and calendars. The program can import a variety of file formats for digital photographs, image scans, and web graphics. The program can also save images for use on the web, desktop publishing, presentations, or to add to school projects. The User Manual, Activity Guide and Program Tour help children learn digital art and computer skills.


Crayola® Creative StudioCrayola® Creative Studio is a multi-purpose program combining the features of four Crayola art software titles in one program - allowing you to draw, paint, animate, photo-edit, and apply special effects. It includes 12 realistic art tools. The program interface is very easy to use. Choose from one of five interface levels! Young children who are learning how to use computers can select the Art Start level. Use the Art Studio level to develop draw and paint skills. Use the Animation Studio level to quickly create exciting animations. The PhotoFX Studio level has FX tools to edit and add special effects to your photographs. The Creative Studio level is for experienced users who want access to all tools and design features and who are ready to do sophisticated digital art. All levels contain “brushes” that behave like real art tools, draw and paint tools to create digital artwork, and hundreds of stamp images.

Each program is certified for Windows 7, and compatible with Windows Vista and XP.


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