Spoon Launches Free Cloud Hosting Service for Desktop Applications

New Service Lets Users Run Desktop Applications Instantly From the Cloud With No Installs

SEATTLE, WA and BERLIN--(Marketwire - November 8, 2010) -  Spoon, a leader in cloud computing technology, today announced the immediate availability of the world's first free cloud hosting service for desktop applications. Spoon allows software developers to make their existing desktop applications available in the cloud, with no installs. Spoon applications can be accessed from the Spoon.net library or embedded into any website, blog, or social media service as a "Spoon Feed" with a single line of HTML.

Spoon is available now at http://spoon.net .

Spoon has partnered with leading software developers and publishers such as Autodesk® and SourceForge to provide free web-based access to their desktop application portfolios. Cloud-enabled applications on Spoon include graphically intensive CAD applications such as Autodesk® Design Review and Inventor® Fusion Technology Preview ; communication tools such as PuTTY and WinSCP ; educational applications such as Core Learning's Core Mind Builder Pro and Crayola® Art Studio; massively multiplayer game clients such as Second Life ; hit game titles such as Namco Networks' Antiques Roadshow and Alawar Entertainment's Farm Frenzy 3 ; and development tools such as DrJava and Eclipse .

"Consumers are accustomed to accessing music and videos online from sites like YouTube," said Kenji Obata, founder and chief executive officer at Spoon. "Spoon extends this model to desktop applications, offering consumers a similarly easy way to try, use, share, and buy desktop applications in the cloud."

"SourceForge is excited to partner with Spoon to bring open source software into the cloud," said Garrett Woodworth, director of product at SourceForge. "By incorporating Spoon into our platform, users will be able to instantly demo and use open source applications without the inconvenience, hassles, or risks of downloads and installs. We believe the relationship with Spoon will ultimately make open source projects more successful and enhance the quality and value of the SourceForge experience."

Unlike other forms of cloud computing, Spoon completely preserves the richness and responsiveness of traditional desktop applications. Users can save files to local folders, print, and even migrate offline to continue working while disconnected. Spoon's unique virtualization technology completely eliminates dependencies and conflicts, and seamlessly handles patches and upgrades.

"Spoon introduces a new angle on cloud computing, using a hybrid client/server execution technology to combine the best of the Web and the traditional desktop," said Dick Csaplar, senior research analyst, Aberdeen Group. "The availability of solutions that are free and directly integrate into existing websites promises to bring cloud computing to a much wider consumer audience."

Software developers can submit applications into the Spoon library at no charge. The service works with existing desktop applications and requires no code changes or development costs. Spoon includes a fully integrated digital rights management and payments system that makes it easy for customers to try, purchase, and use commercial applications.

About Spoon

Spoon lets users run desktop applications instantly from the cloud with no installs. Spoon applications can be accessed from the Web at Spoon.net, on third-party websites via Spoon Feeds, and in private enterprise clouds using Spoon Server.

Spoon is used by industry-leading educational, entertainment, financial, government, health care, and information technology organizations including Autodesk, Core Learning, Novell, SourceForge, and the United States military, as well as thousands of independent software developers.

For more information, please visit http://spoon.net .

Source: Marketwire


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