New Common Core Digital Science Curriculum
for Early Learning

PHILADELPHIA, PA – March 30, 2012 – Core Learning announced the release of three science courses in software and online formats aligned to the Common Core Science Objectives Framework and the Common Core Language Arts Standards for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. The courses are Core Science: Physical Science I, Core Science: Life Science I, and Core Science: Earth & Space Science I.

The Common Core Science Objectives Framework was released in August 2011 as part of the common core standards initiative. The Framework outlines in detail a highly progressive re-development and advancement for K-12 science curriculum. Grade level standards, based on the Framework, are being developed by the National Science Teachers Association (“NSTA”). The Common Core Language Arts Standards have been adopted by 45 states and are to be fully implemented in 2014. These standards recommend the use of science curriculum to develop English language fluency.

“The Common Core Science Framework is leading to major change in science curriculum and if implemented as intended will put America in a global leadership position in K-12 science education”, said Doug Hatch, President & CEO of Core Learning. “We are delighted to bring a leading edge set of science courses for teachers to use in the classroom and for students to use online. Science topics at these early learning levels are very vocabulary-rich and the design of our course lessons includes supports for language development as recommended by the Common Core Standards for Language Arts. We continue to develop course products for this new science curriculum and aim to complete comprehensive coverage of the new common core science standards for Kindergarten through Grade 8 by June 2013.”

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