Tablet-Compatible Common Core Curriculum Products

PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 15, 2012 – Core Learning announced the availability of all of its math, sciences, and language arts courses and assessments for use with tablets including iPads, Android tablets, and Windows 8 tablets.

“We have anticipated the market trend in both consumer and education markets toward the use of mobile computing devices”, Doug Hatch, President & CEO of Core Learning. “We feel that tablets have sufficient screen size to be appropriate for our learning applications and so we have slightly modified the design of our online learning products to optimize compatibility with tablet devices. There is a clear movement in the education market toward tablet usage with online learning content and all future product development will support tablet usage. Our offerings will of course continue to be also deployable on laptops, desktops, network servers, and learning management system platforms. Core Learning’s digital curriculum offerings aim to be as platform-agnostic and as device-agnostic as possible.”

Core Learning is a publisher of technology-based learning solutions for the K to 12 education market and for home use. It publishes software programs, online learning services, and digital instructional content for teachers. Areas of publication are in language arts, reading, visual arts, math, science, and health. . For more information on Core Learning products please visit our website at: For online learning services by subscription, go to

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