Basic Measurement: Step by Step Content Released

Volume 4 added to the Math Course Series

PHILADELPHIA , PA – May 10, 2006 – Core Learning has authored and released Basic Measurement: Step by Step , its fourth title in the Math Course Series. The complete Textbook, Workbook and Help Guide are now available as printed books or as digital files.

With over 38 learning outcomes contained in 8 units, this course meets the NCTM national standards for a key strand of math curriculum for elementary school. The materials have also been evaluated against a number of key states such as California, Texas, Florida and Georgia. Measurement topics cover both the Customary and Metric Measurement Systems.

“The publishing of Basic Measurement gives Core Learning a comprehensive offering of resources to develop the basic math skills that children need,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning.

With the release of Basic Measurement: Step by Step , Core Learning's Math Course Series, along with the Calculations Skills titles, covers about 80% of elementary school curriculum.

The content of each Math Course is provided in a Textbook, Workbook and Help Guide. The Textbook explains the concepts and provides instruction on how to perform the measurement tasks. The Workbook provides Exercises and Activities on each topic to practice and reinforce each learning objective. The Help Guide supports and augments the Course Textbook and Workbook, and is intended as an instructional aid for use by parents, tutors or teachers.

“With the completion of Basic Measurement, Core Learning can now offer to elementary schools, an excellent set of math materials for use in classroom lessons and homework assignments,” said Hatch. “By offering content in PDF files that can be loaded on a school server, and by giving schools a right to copy these files when they buy the Printable Course Books, schools have a very cost effective way of getting an excellent set of math resources.”

Other titles in the Math Course Series are Fractions: Step by Step, Decimals & Percents: Step by Step, and Geometric Shapes: Step by Step. These contain a test-based learning management program that supports self-paced, self-study environments.


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