Printable Books on CD-ROM

Full-color PDF’s for the four titles in the Math Course Series

PHILADELPHIA, PA – May 20, 2006 – Core Learning has compiled a complete set of printable books (Textbook, Workbook, and Help Guide) for each of the Math Course Series titles, Fractions: Step by Step , Decimals and Percents: Step by Step , Geometric Shapes: Step by Step , and Basic Measurement: Step by Step.

The installable CD-ROMs contain full-color PDF files that can be loaded onto a server and made accessible for all students and teachers for an entire school. Teachers can print entire books, or choose to print by unit or topic. The CD-ROMs include a license to copy or republish the contents of the books for use in the school environment. The CD-ROM's are available as site licenses by individual Course, or bundled to include all four Courses.

The Textbook explains the concepts and provides basic instruction of each topic. It is the basic instructional component that addresses the learning outcomes in the Course.

The Workbook contains Exercises and Activities intended for practice work with each learning outcome, but also to aid in deepening the understanding of each learning outcome. Exercises and Activities provide a variety of different learning approaches aimed to accommodate learners with different learning styles and needs. They can easily be used by teachers for class assignments, tests or homework.

The Help Guide supports and augments the Course Textbook and Workbook as it addresses common learning difficulties associated with the various learning objectives in each Course.

“These 4 Courses cover a great deal of the elementary school math curriculum,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning. “With over 400 pages of content per Course, these Printable Course Books on CD-ROM are a very cost-effective way for schools to have important math resources for students of wide ranging abilities and learning styles.”

All of the Math Courses offered by Core Learning fully address national standards of NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) for each subject at the elementary school and middle school levels.


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