Core Learning Makes a 'SMART' Connection

Teaming up to offer quality products

Core Learning & Smart TechnologiesTORONTO , CAN – June 28, 2006 – Core Learning has been included in the launch of SMART Technologies Inc.'s Software Accreditation Program.

“As a company we felt, some time ago, that we had applications that work very effectively on interactive whiteboards and we have believed that there were opportunities for SMART and Core Learning to support each other in the education marketplace,” said Doug Hatch , President and CEO of Core Learning. “With inclusion in this Software Accreditation Program, SMART will commence marketing Core Learning software products that work well with SMART's interactive whiteboards.”

SMART Technologies Inc. is both the industry pioneer and leader in interactive whiteboards. In the U.S. alone they have over 300,000 white boards installed in classrooms. They introduced this Program to identify and direct customers to third-party software that is compatible with SMART's interactive whiteboards. This allows customers to confidently purchase software from Core Learning to get the most from SMART's whiteboard technology.

The Software Accreditation Program has three levels of designation: Ready, Enabled, and Select. At the program's launch, Core Learning is 1 of 11 publishing companies that are designated at the Ready level. The Ready level indicates that SMART Technologies Inc. has approved the software title for suitable performance with SMART products. Of Core Learning products, its award-winning art and graphics program, corefx Three Level, and its 7 health titles in the Health for Kids Series (two volumes) and the Family Health Series (five volumes) work exceptionally well with interactive whiteboard technology. Core Learning products are listed in SMART's print catalog, and will be listed on SMART's website in September 2006.

“We are very pleased to have this new association with SMART Technologies,” said Hatch. “I am sure that the high quality of our products will help support whiteboard sales, as I am sure SMART's extensive customer base will help spread the use of Core Learning's products. All in all, a very positive relationship for both companies.”


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