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Calculation Skills Series 1.0

Math for Kids Software with Math Facts, Math Activities, and Math Drills Screenshots Order Now! Vol.1 - Addition & Subtraction, Basic Level.
Vol.2 - Multiplication & Division, Basic Level.
Vol.3 - Addition & Subtraction, Advanced Level.
Vol.4 - Multiplication & Division, Advanced Level.

The 4 volume interactive Calculation Skills Series is an elementary math activities program that has been created to boost mental arithmetic and numeracy skills in math for kids. Learners practice performing simple math drills, without the aid of a calculator, to develop recognition and recall of answers to math calculations at a pace that they can handle with confidence. This math facts software has a reading and comprehension level that is appropriate for ages 6 and up; it is also a valuable tool for students in upper elementary and middle school who are looking to build confidence in performing basic math operations quickly.

Each volume begins with an explanation of basic arithmetic operations – addition and subtraction (including making change from $1.00), or multiplication and division. Reference tables are supplied to provide clues for quick mental arithmetic and mastery of math facts. When ready to be tested, the student can select a Drill. Each math Drill has 10 questions which are selected from a database of number pairs for calculation. The Basic Level volumes use simple single digit numbers. The Advanced Level volumes use mostly double digit numbers for calculation. Each math Drill is scored and timed. Results are saved for the student and can be accessed in a Helper area by a parent, tutor or teacher. With saved test records, students can follow their own progress and adults who may be supervising can monitor progress and assess if there are any learning issues that require intervention. Each program allows registration and results tracking for up to 80 students.


For a cross platform and much wider selection of drills to better facilitate skill development check out our Calculation Skills Education Collection.

Calculation Skills Education Collection

This set of four CDs is a great way to help students learn and reinforce basic calculation skills. Divided by operations and skill level, it works well not only with students needing extra support, but also helps extend basic numeration skills and higher level calculation skills for junior and intermediate students. Read More..

Wayne Rockel - Teacher
Billy Green School

"My child was experiencing difficulty in making simple calculations. His numeracy skills really needed a boost something bad. I have to tell you that my child has experienced a 180 degree turn-around in numeracy and specifically multiplying and dividing thanks to Core Learning.

They have a series of 4 software products called the Calculation Skills Series ... which has turned my child into a walking calculating whiz! I highly recommend their products! "

thn61 - Concerned Parent

What are the benefits of the Calculation Skills Series?

  • Master Key Math Facts – Drill and practice works. These basic arithmetic skills are important to cognitive development and provide a foundation for other math subjects. Mental arithmetic is also useful as a life skill. Improve recall and mental quickness with Core Learning’s math activities software.

  • Assess Math Skills – students move at their own pace but with scoring and timing of the last 5 Drills in each category, the results can be used to assess competency with basic arithmetic. Detailed drill reports also allow for diagnosis of particular problems with certain numbers and arithmetic operations.

  • Great Learning : Great Value! Results are saved for 3 registered students in the Home Study version. The School version will manage 80 students per computer station. As records are deleted for students, new students can be registered.

Learning Math facts is easy and fun with our interactive math for kids software. These applications are focused towards enhancing your child’s elementary level arithmetic skills through our easy to learn math activities, and math drills. For more information about math facts and
math activities for kids contact us at

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