Digital Content for Interactive Whiteboards and Other Presentation Devices

Math, Language Arts, and HealthAny educational software application can be displayed in a classroom with a computer, projector, and screen. Interactive whiteboards with touch screen controls or wireless slates can seamlessly allow the teacher to navigate a displayed software program without being seated at her or his computer. Core Learning’s courseware in math, language arts, and health have graphically rich instructional content throughout each lesson that display beautifully when projected to a screen or interactive whiteboard.

Click on the links below to view a list of lessons from each course:

Math Courses Language Arts Courses Health Courses

1. Fractions
2. Decimals & Percents
3. Geometric Shapes
4. Basic Measurement

1. English Grammar I
2. English Grammar II Essentials
3. English Grammar III Essentials
4. English Grammar & Writing IV

1. Core Health I
2. Core Health II
3. Core Health III

Each lesson, operated in a web browser, functions as a mini-software program. Each math lesson and language arts lesson contains audio-supported instruction, printable practice sheet and a scorable quiz.

To view a sample lesson click the links below:

  1. Fractions: Step by Step - Least Common Denominator
  2. English Grammar II - Types of Nouns
  3. Core Health I - Digestive System

Flipcharts or ActivLessons

Core Learning has started to re-deploy its courseware lessons in different software formats proprietary to interactive whiteboard suppliers. The benefits are in optimizing the presentation features to enable the IWB’s software tools and to enable hand-held voting devices for whole class feedback on the success of the lesson presentation. In some instances, additional instructional content in the form of interactive activities and review steps add additional instructional value. There are presently two major collections of flipchart lessons developed in Promethean’s ActivInspire software:

  1. Core English Essentials ActivLesson Collection: 74 lessons derived from the English Grammar II and III Essentials courses. Click here for a list of English ActivLessons.

  2. Core Health Essentials ActivLesson Collection: 85 lessons derived from Core Health I, II, and III. Click here for a list of Health ActivLessons.

Flipchart lessons can be presented on any interactive. whiteboard provided the ActivInspire software is installed. You can download ActivInspire for free from To view a simple flipchart lesson (after you install ActivInspire) click here.


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