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corefx Creative includes all the great features of the award-winning corefx Three Level program with new tools and images to further enhance your artwork! Work with images from a wide variety of sources. Use digital photographs, image scans, web graphics and many other sources as your starting point. Any images you produce with corefx Creative can easily be saved for use on the web (including animations), used in desktop publishing, presentation or word processing software or incorporated directly into other projects.

corefx Creative supplies a comprehensive set of artists’ tools which can be applied directly onto the page. Charcoal, felt tips, coloring pencils and many more can be used individually, or mixed and blended to create a limitless number of effects. It is this blending of colors which is unique and quite frankly makes any digital painting spectacular.


  • Expanded library with 1500 images and templates
  • New! Round & Custom selection tools to easily crop images
  • Expanded Activity guide to develop digital art, editing, and animation techniques
  • New! Save animations as Flash (.swf) files.


Begin to Draw Level

  • Realistic crayons, markers, and paints; transformation tools; and hundreds of images for beginners

corefx Art Level

  • Additional selection of realistic draw and paint tools including pastels, markers, paints, chalks, and more

Animation Level

  • Easily learn animation techniques to bring your artwork to life

Photo FX Level

  • Easy-to-understand, fun to use photo-editing and photo FX tools create sophisticated digital art
  • Add images to calendars, cards, and photo frame templates

corefx Creative Level

  • Combines the features of all four levels in one for a complete
    advanced digital art, photo-editing, and animation experience

System Requirements: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP - 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Hard Disk Space

Awards & Reviews

Digital Art Software
Graphic Design Software
Award of Excellence
Childrens Technology Review
AEP Distinguished Achievement Award for
Most Innovative Software & Best Art Software

The Association of Educational Publishers

Parents Choice Award
Silver Honor for Software

The Parents' Choice Foundation
Animation Software
Nappa Gold Award for Software
National Parenting Publications Awards

Imagine being able to create multi-media projects without making a major mess! CoreFX Three Level , digital art software created by Core Learning, gives you access to crayons, markers, stamps (clip art), watercolor paint, acrylic paint, chalk, pastels, and more--with no jumble of supplies and no mess to clean up. corefx can be used by those of various artistic abilities, from young children just learning computer skills to grown-up graphic artists! The Old Schoolhouse Review. Full Story...

"Who says that a great gift requires batteries and complicated instructions? Here's a software program that doesn't need either." Mike Goldfein - Click here to see our Television Coverage

corefx - Three Level is given a perfect 5 Star rating by Children's Technology Review and is also awarded CTR’s Award of Excellence for creativity software. "We don't throw around five star ratings. In order to get one, a title needs to be the best in its category, have quality content, and empower a young mind. That's why we were so thrilled to find corefx - Three Level...Someone finally listened to the masses and made a reasonably priced graphics program that any child can be successful with…All in all, this is the best level drawing program on the market, for both children and adults." Children's Technology Review. Full Story...

corefx - Three Level is a simple powerful graphics program for those who can't afford or can't master Photoshop." The New York Times.

corefx - Three Level is given the NAPPA Gold Award for Software.
National Association of Parenting Publications Awards. Full Story ...

"Toddlers right up through troglodyte software reviewers love this addicting software that simplifies just about every trick in the computer graphics artist's tool bag to turn out eye-grabbing paintings, drawings, illustrations and enhanced much of the value lies in the educational opportunities....teachers and parents alike will relish the way this software lets a youngster learn such fine points as brush pressure and important techniques in digital graphics." Chicago Tribune. Full Story...

Powerful, yet easy to use, this all-purpose creativity program is better than Photoshop and KidPix combined. Yes, folks, someone finally answered the call of thousands of needy teachers and created a state-of-the-art drawing program with serious features, standard menus, and plenty of content…Every feature on our creativity wish list was covered…. Needless to say, we were thrilled to discover corefx." Technology Pathfinder for Teachers.

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corefx Features & Advantages

Excellent Educational Resource for digital paintingKey Features:

  • Four programs in one – draw, paint, animation, and photo editing.

  • 12 natural digital art media effects that allows the user to work intuitively with the same tools on the computer that they use in real life art work.

  • Simple graphic design tools that help the user turn out eye-grabbing paintings, drawings, illustrations and enhanced photographs.

  • Wide range of paper textures, brush sizes, drawing tools and color selection to make your digital painting a masterpiece.

  • Allows you to work with images from a wide variety of sources – digital photographs, image scans, web graphics, and your own digital art creations.

  • Select a skill level from three pre-configured graphic design interfaces or customize the tool bars to suit your needs.

  • Any image produced can be saved for the use on the web (including animation), used in desktop publishing, presentation or word processing software.

  • Hundreds of editable clipart stamps that can be resized and rotated to add to your creation.


  • No other consumer level product offers as many creativity tools for digital painting / digital art.

  • Three level approach – Basic, Junior, and Advanced – this graduated approach makes it great for families.

  • Graphic Design tools for all ages – 5 to adult.

  • Despite broad functionality, corefx Creative is intuitive and easier to learn than competing drawing and photo editing software.

  • Learning advanced digital art techniques is supported by tutorials, activity guide and reference guide.

Digital Art Tool For Kids of All Ages


We invite you to browse our website for similar learning applications dealing with digital art. Our coreFX programs walk you through the steps of animation, photo editing, graphic design. It is an easy to learn animation / graphic design software for beginners to advance users. To learn more about digital art or graphic design, contact us at


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