Early Learning at Home

The early learning period is generally defined as pre-kindergarden to grade two. These very young children are developing communication or literacy skills, and reasoning skills. Good quality educational software games, creativity software programs, and other children’s software designed for young learners can provide meaningful support for child development.

Core Learning plans to expand its offering of children’s software with significant educational outcomes. There are a few very effective software titles for early learners available:

  1. Crayola Art StartCrayola® Art Start: This is a simple but powerful draw and paint software program for beginners. It has digital crayons, markers and paints that simulate the real Crayola art media. Children have a simple, intuitive interface to not only create art but learn how to work with digital images. The program has hundreds of images to use with digital artwork and an Activity Guide to help develop computer art skills.

  2. Crayola Art StudioCrayola® Art Studio: is an award-winning program that includes an interface level equivalent to the Art Start program but the main level has twelve realistic art tools, many more drawing tools and paint features and extra activities.

  3. Core Mind MasterCore Mind Master: This is a software board game that is simple and quick to do for young children yet challenging to develop the reasoning powers to determine winning choices at each turn. The game is designed around a pirate theme and involves strategic taking of valuable coins. Children can play friends or family members or play the computer at Novice or Expert levels.

  4. Math Skill BuilderMath Skill Builder: This basic program helps develop important numeracy skills for children in grades 1 and 2 and higher. Calculation exercises and drills help students learn math facts and compute money change. A series of number-based math lessons help secure important math concepts and develops appreciation of the usefulness of number-based math skills.


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