Geometry Help for Geometric Shapes

Geometry Help for Geometric Shapes Detailed List of Contents Demo Lesson Subscribe for Online Learning! Order Now Geometry is the study of shapes and their properties. It is a math subject very different from numeracy skills. Knowledge about geometric shapes is important to design and provides structure for creative thinking. The proofs of geometry theorems develop logical and deductive reasoning powers – this is important more broadly to academic success and effective problem solving skills.

Math Course 3, Geometric Shapes: Step by Step 2.0 addresses the properties of common geometric shapes including triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, cubes, prisms, and cones. Common geometric theorems are explained and proofs are provided. Concepts of symmetry, and transformation of shapes by translations, rotations, reflections, and magnifications, and uses of transformations in map scales and tessellations are also covered.

This self-paced course has one or more key geometry learning objectives in each lesson. Geometric Shapes 2.0 will identify learning needs through its Unit tests and offers a logical and easy to follow learning path. There are 38 lessons organized in 8 Units. Tests administered in the program ensure understanding of each lesson’s learning objectives and progress can be tracked for multiple users.

The Course learning objectives align to math curriculum standards for grades 4 to 8. The course can be used at grade level for enrichment, earlier for accelerated learning, or in middle school or high school for remediation. The Course should be successfully completed before entry to high school.

Geometric Shapes 2.0 is also available online and can be accessed from any computer operating system that is equipped with a standard internet browser.

Features include:

  • On screen audio-supported instruction

  • Multiple registered users

  • Unit level testing is used for pre-assessment of learning needs and post-assessment to confirm learning gains

  • Each lesson is completed with a quiz to check the student’s understanding of the lesson’s learning objectives

  • Printable worksheets for additional practice work

  • There is a new graphical interface and a main menu where the student can view
    progress and test reports

  • Printable completion certificates for each successfully completed Quiz and Unit test.

  • The course can also be taken online, by subscription (

System Requirements: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP - 128 MB RAM; 195 MB Hard Disk Space

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