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Language Arts Companion: English Grammar I

English Grammar I Detailed List of Contents Demo Lesson Subscribe for Online Learning! Order Now! English Grammar I is a comprehensive introductory English language arts program that contain 33 Lessons organized in eight Course Units. The learning objectives correlate to language arts curriculum standards for grades 2 to 4.

English Grammar I provides an easy entry point for young students and ESL students to the structure and methodologies of English grammar usage and writing. Proper grammar usage is important for clear and effective expression. This Course covers the basic structural elements of grammar usage with an emphasis on usage in creative writing. Students are introduced to the nature and structure of simple sentences, basic uses of capitals and punctuation, the types of the most common parts of speech and how to use dictionaries and reference materials.

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  • Lessons include:
    • Audio-supported instruction
    • Practice work on printable worksheets
    • Writing activities
    • A quiz scored by the software
  • Use Unit Tests to:
    • Assess learning needs (pre-test)
    • Confirm learning gains (post-test)
    • Track progress with results
  • This Course can be deployed on school networks, integrated with learning management systems, and alternatively, can be taken online (www.corelearningonline.com)

English Grammar I - List of Lessons

  • Unit 1: Sentence Development
    • Lesson 1: Making a Complete Sentence
    • Lesson 2: Nouns and Verbs
    • Lesson 3: Four Kinds of Sentences
    • Lesson 4: Capitalization
    • Lesson 5: Paragraph Development

  • Unit 2: Capitalization
    • Lesson 1: Capitalize the First Word in a Sentence and the Pronoun I
    • Lesson 2: Capitalize Proper Nouns
    • Lesson 3: Capitalize Abbreviations, Titles of People, and Initials
    • Lesson 4: Capitalize Titles of Books and Works
    • Lesson 5: Capitalize the First Word in Letter Parts, Outline Topics, and Poems
    • Lesson 6: Capitalize the First Word in a Direct Quote

  • Unit 3: Punctuation
    • Lesson 1: The Use of a Period in Titles, Initials, and Abbreviations
    • Lesson 2: The Use of Quotation Marks
    • Lesson 3: The Use of Commas in Addresses, Dates, and Letters
    • Lesson 4: The Use of Commas in a Series of Three or More Nouns or Verbs

  • Unit 4: More Punctuation
    • Lesson 1: The Use of Commas with Phrases and Separating Simple Sentences
    • Lesson 2: Commas to Separate a Person Spoken to Directly, Conversation Words, Yes and No, and Well
    • Lesson 3: Apostrophes in Possessive Nouns
    • Lesson 4: Apostrophes in Contractions

  • Unit 5: Nouns
    • Lesson 1: Nouns: Proper, Singular, and Plural
    • Lesson 2: Pronouns, Subject Pronouns and Possessive Pronouns
    • Lesson 3: Plural and Singular Possessive Nouns

  • Unit 6: Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs
    • Lesson 1: Verbs and Verb Tenses (Present, Past, Future, and Present Perfect)
    • Lesson 2: Adjectives: Comparative, Superlative, and Ordering
    • Lesson 3: Adverbs

  • Unit 7: Word Parts and Counterparts
    • Lesson 1: Making Contractions or Compound Words
    • Lesson 2: Common Prefixes and Suffixes
    • Lesson 3: Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones

  • Unit 8: Dictionary and Reference Materials
    • Lesson 1: Alphabetizing and Guide Words
    • Lesson 2: Fiction and Nonfiction Books
    • Lesson 3: Library Card Catalog: Title, Author, and Subject
    • Lesson 4: Using the Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Atlas, Almanac, and Other Reference Materials
    • Lesson 5: Using the Internet as a Reference

  • Appendix: Glossary


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