Help Children be Health Smart!

Learn about fundamental HEALTH issues through interactive explorations

Our Health software is an excellent resource for teaching elementary and middle school health curriculum

Authored by Pediatric and Adolescent Health Expert, Dr. Russell Viner, our Family Health and Health for Kids interactive software programs engage and motivate children to learn about their health and well-being. The ease of discovery and feedback through quizzes and games effectively maintains interest and motivation.The informational content correlates very highly with elementary and middle school health curriculum. No other software offering provides such extensive coverage of health curriculum.

Core Health Series

The Core Health Series takes the content of Volumes 1 to 4 of the Family Health Series and creates two integrated courses. Core Health I lessons correlate with health curriculum for grades 3 to 6. Core Health II lessons correlate with health curriculum for grades 5 to 8.

Core health III takes the content of Volume 5 of the Family Health Series and creates one course which correlates with health curriculum for grades 5 to 10.

As these courses are designed for classroom use, they include printable worksheets and fact sheets from the Lesson Builders programs. Teachers using these courses then do
not need to purchase Lesson Builders software separately.

Core Health I - Detailed Table of Contents
Core Health II - Detailed Table of Contents
Core Health III - Detailed Table of Contents

Family Health Series

Family Health SeriesThe Family Health Series offers 5 comprehensive titles on physical, emotional and social health issues:

With over 1000 screens of content and 74 quizzes and games these five volume interactive health software programs are recommended for children and young adults ages 9 to 15. The Family Health Series is also a great health information resource for projects.

Click here to view a complete Content List from the Family Health Series.

An excellent resource for teachers is our Family Health Series - Lesson Builders software. This series contains numerous amounts of individual teaching resources relating to health matters suitable for primary and secondary students.

Health for Kids Series

Health for Kids SeriesThe Health for Kids Series offers two interactive health titles designed to introduce health issues to young children:

Recommended for the ages of 7-10, each of the Health for Kids Series titles contains 9 animated movies that provide a fun but informative introduction to the human body. Learn how parts of the body function, and how the human body works to stay healthy and also develop awareness of hygiene and other healthy living habits. Each movie tests the student about what has been learned. Click here to view a complete Content List of from the Health for Kids Series.


We invite you to browse our website for additional volumes in our Health Education software collection. Our software examines the human body, wellness, healthy lifestyles, emotional health, personal relationships, and life skills. To learn more about the human body, health information and our health software program contact us at


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