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Childrens Health Information Screenshots Order Now! Health for Kids, Vol. 2 - Explore Your Health

The continuing misadventures of Doc and the Gang! Four tiny trail blazers and one chilled-out chicken continue their exploration of the human body to deliver more health information about childrens health in Volume 2, Explore Your Health.

Follow the adventures of Doc, Sari, Emma, Hu, and the chicken as they plunge into the gross ghetto of Lenny's lungs! It seems that our heroes are no longer alone in the internal mass of Lenny. Others have discovered their where abouts and are NOT happy. Get set for immuno warfare of the impressive kind.

Explore Your Health, is the second volume in our health software series Health for Kids. This interactive health software is aimed at the ages of 7-10, and provides fun and informative kids health activities to introduce them to how the body works to stay healthy, and also develops awareness of hygiene and other healthy living habits. Set as an animated tour, learners will literally get an inside view of the human body and how healthy habits keep us in good shape.

Authored by Pediatric and Adolescent Health Expert, Dr. Russell Viner, this Series makes an excellent resource for home study. Each volume contains kids health activities that include health games and quizzes to test the health information learned as you go through each of the nine animated adventures.

Click here to view a complete Content List of Volume 2 - Explore Your Health from the Health for Kids Series.

Health Information to Explore:

  • The Bated Breath
  • The Invaders From Beyond
  • Lenny's Lower Lungs
  • The Belligerent Bacteria
  • The Lurking Lymphocytes
  • The Foreign
  • The Imps of Immunity
  • The Alluring Alveoli
  • The Putrid Pus

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista, XP | Mac OS X
128 MB RAM; 70 MB Hard Disk Space

We invite you to browse our website for additional volumes in our Health Education software programs. Our Health Software promotes understanding about healthy living for children. To learn more about the human body, health information and our health software program contact us at


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