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Our math tutor software is an excellent resource for elementary math up to middle school

Math with Math SoftwareThe Math Course Series offers the best in math tutor software for 4 core math subjects:

Each of our Math software covers a fundamental math strand typically covered in curriculum from mid-elementary math through middle school. Learning objectives are carefully addressed to develop reliable understanding of concepts that support higher order math learning.

Who should get math help with our math software?

Anyone who needs a solid foundation in math fundamentals. With an adaptable learning management system, the Math Course software is suited for all levels and abilities of math for kids. Use our Math Software for remedial math help, for enriched and accelerated learning or simply to solidify and confirm math knowledge.

Math Software Design – Content

Math curriculum in the school system contains many different strands. At any grade level, students are exposed to small pieces of each. There are some benefits to this approach and many students succeed with it. However, some have difficulty with only partial treatment of many different concepts. More commonly, students simply memorize tasks for testing but don’t develop an integrated understanding of important math concepts and develop necessary reasoning skills. Insufficient understanding may not be apparent until middle school or high school or may just lead to a withdrawal from interest in math for kids.

Each Math Course addresses one strand only – the content is organized in a logical sequence and with content incrementally and logically linked, there is maximum opportunity for successful learning and math help. The Math Courses are unique amongst math software for the focus on clear learning outcomes (at least 30 per Course) and the depth of the resources in each Course:

  • Elementary Math for Kids An illustrated Math Textbook to explain each learning outcome (about 100 pages)

  • A Math Workbook of Exercises and Activities for practice and reinforcement of each learning outcome (about 200 pages)

  • An illustrated Math Help Guide to offer strategies on overcoming common learning problems associated with each learning outcome in the Course (about 60 pages)

All of these educational resources are accessed from the math software and can be printed where desired (worksheets of math exercises need to be printed). Alternatively, students can also purchase bound books from Core Learning, making the study experience more off-line.

Math Software Design – Learning Management

All successful learning experiences involve an engaged and motivated learner and the delivery of information in an environment that supports both its comprehension as well as its retention. Sound instructional design also recognizes that instructional choice depends on the nature of the learning outcomes and the variability of learning levels and learning styles of the learners. Our math software follows the latest research in math for kids technology:

  • A pleasant but simple program interface does not distract attention from study work

  • An extensive database of test questions aligned with each learning outcome allows for validation of learning gains

  • Pre-testing at various intervals in the Course enables assessment of learning needs and the development of a customized instruction path; instruction and use of math resources is therefore managed to suit individual learning needs

  • Saved pre-test and post-test results enable monitoring of progress and appropriate decisions regarding intervention, where appropriate.

Core Learning recognizes the power of software to entertain, especially young children with stimulating audio-visual effects. Our Math Software is intended for children to achieve successful comprehension and retention of the learning outcomes in each Math Course, entertainment techniques have been deliberately avoided. The ease of discovery and success with each Course generates a joy of learning and math help that is highly effective in maintaining interest and motivation.

Math Courses Onlne

Core Learning now offers courses online so that you can begin learning anywhere with an internet connection. Visit Core Learning Online to view the available courses.

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