A Mind Challenging Quest for Treasure!

Core Mind Master

Core Mind Master - A Mind Challenging Quest for Treasure Screenshots Order Now! Core Mind Master is a mind challenging game that allows players to match wits with friends, foes or family members! Players take turns strategically removing coins from the game board trying to leave their opponent stranded with one coin remaining. Players keep the value of their treasure for each round they win until one player reaches 500.


  • Challenges logic and strategic thinking skills
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Unlimited hours of fun – beware of addiction!


  • Windows and Macintosh compatibility
  • Customizable to suit personal interests
    • Game Board Selection: Choose one of 3 game board map styles - Tropical, Arctic or Grassland
    • Select to reveal all, some (3 or 6) or none of the coin values during game play
    • Unlimited player profiles
  • One Player and Two Player Modes
  • Novice and Advanced Levels
  • Game play statistics recorded for each profile


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