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Core Learning is pleased to offer many of its award-winning and state-adopted software applications as subscription-based online learning applications. To preview our online applications and to select a subscription to suit your needs, go to our online learning center at

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Why choose online learning versus a purchase of educational software?

  • Access and Convenience: each purchased software license allows program installation on one computer; to use the program, a user must have access to the computer on which the program is installed; with an online learning subscription, the user can access the application at any time, from any computer; all that is needed is internet access and the user login information

  • Cost: with online learning, you can choose a subscription period that suits your expected use; for home users, if use is expected to be less than a year, the online option will be cheaper; for schools, there is great flexibility and cost advantages to using online subscriptions for students rather than software purchase

  • Learning Management: our online courses are delivered with an online learning management system ( LMS ). The LMS retains all test scores and test reports for each user. For school use, detailed performance data analysis and reporting are available for school administrators allowing a highly effective means to measure and manage the performance of large populations of students

  • Hardware Resource Management: online applications use remote hardware resources and do not task or affect the performance of the user's computer; this can be especially helpful if consumers are using several applications or are using netbooks with limited hardware resources. For school use, large numbers of students can access many applications without impacting the school's hardware resources; online learning is compatible with all school technology programs, whether they are workstation/lab based ( Windows or Mac), network-based or based on student laptop programs.


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