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Powerful, yet easy to use, this all-purpose drawing program is better than PhotoShop & KidPix combined. Yes, folks somebody finally answered the call of thousands of needy teachers and created a state-of-the-art drawing program with serious features, standard menus, and plenty of content. Take the drawing tools, for instance - you get no less than 12 sets of tools, in any color or tip size. You can scribble with waxy crayons ( the harder you press, the darker the line ), or let the paint bleed into the paper with watercolors or rich acrylics.

Every feature on our creativity wish list was covered - unlimited levels of undo, a nice collection of commercial-free clip art that can be expanded without losing resolution, and the ability to add text to the page. All the menus are easy to find and standard pull down menus provide multiple paths to success.

The best part - the program opens just about any file format, so you can edit digital JPG's, for example, and save work in a format that could be viewed in any other digital editing program. Need a title screen for that video, done in beautiful watercolors? This is the program.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to discover corefx. Note that the program works especially well with a graphics tablet.


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