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Amazing Art and Graphics Software from Core Learning Gathers Top Awards and Outstanding Reviews!

PAINT – DRAW – ANIMATE – PHOTO-EDIT ! corefx Three Level is a four in one all-purpose creative expression software program that includes draw, paint, animate, photo edit and other artistic and documentation creation functions. With three skill levels to choose from, the extensive but easy to use creative tools suits the young novice computer user (age 5 and up) as well as the experienced graphics artist. corefx allows you to work with images from a wide variety of imported sources – digital photographs, image scans, web graphics, your own creations, and many others. Any image that is produced with corefx can easily be saved for the use on the web (including animation), used in desktop publishing, presentations, word processing software or incorporated directly into other projects.


Hear what people have to say about corefx:

"I have taught computer skills to children since 1989. I have never had such jubilant experience teaching chhildren how to use software as I have corefx . As I show for the first time how to use the various tools and what they can do the students will break out clapping. (I am not an artist so it is not my artistic ability that is enthralling them!) They oo and ah and get so excited. Every child, no matter age or ability, loves this program because can be successful at creating something wonderful."

Instructional Technology Facilitator
Oak Grove Elementary

corefx at ImaginOn: the Joe and Joan Martin Center

We have been using corefx software here at ImaginOn since October of 2005. ImaginOn is the home of Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and a children’s library branch of the Public Library of Charlotte and North Carolina. corefx is loaded on all our public PC’s, nearly 90 in all.

We have had great success with corefx with all ages. It is a fabulous program for pre-schoolers, it is very intuitive, keeps their interest, and develops strong basic PC and mouse skills. We have used it with day care groups who exhibited marked improvement in using the mouse and controlling the programs after several visits. Some groups liked it so much they bought their own copies for their classroom.

We have created many, many guided activities with corefx, from creating a firework display to animating a dog. We have done workshops on animation as well, something very important here at this facility, which has an animation studio. Families enjoy the fact that the multiple levels allow different ages to use the same program.

We are pleased to offer this versatile exciting software here at ImaginOn, and will continue to utilize it to help bring stories to life.

ImaginOn: the Joe and Joan Martin Center
Charlotte, NC

" Who says that a great gift requires batteries and complicated instructions?Here’s a software program that doesn’t need either. corefx is a fabulous graphics program from Core Learning. The $60 program has three levels, so it easily works for anyone, from beginners on up. For youngsters, the tools are simplified, colorful and fun. As kids learn, the program can be changed, giving budding artists more sophisticated tools…” Mike Goldfein

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Powerful, yet easy to use, this all-purpose creativity program is better than Photoshop and KidPix combined. Yes, folks, someone finally answered the call of thousands of needy teachers and created a state-of-the-art drawing program with serious features, standard menus, and plenty of content…Every feature on our creativity wish list was covered…. Needless to say, we were thrilled to discover corefx." September 2005, Technology Pathfinder for Teachers . Read More ...

Experts describe corefx Three Level as riveting, inspiring, addicting, and simply, the best new software product of 2005!

corefx Three Level is a simple, powerful graphics program for those who can’t afford or can’t master Photoshop. If you have children…, you will appreciate the ability to customize the menus with a beginner’s level setting. Advanced users will find features even Photoshop lacks…You can even import an image from your camera, add some text, and create an artistic title screen for your family scrapbook.” May 12, 2005, New York Times.

corefx Three Level was rated with a perfect 5 Star rating by Children's Technology Review and also given CTR’s Award of Excellence for creativity software. "We don't throw around five star ratings. In order to get one, a title needs to be the best in its category, have quality content, and empower a young mind. That's why we were so thrilled to find corefx Three Level...Someone finally listened to the masses and made a reasonably priced graphics program that any child can be successful with…All in all, this is the best consumer level drawing program on the market, for both children and adults." June 2005 Children's Technology Review. Read More...

"Toddlers right up through troglodyte software reviewers love this addicting software that simplifies just about every trick in the computer graphics artist's tool bag to turn out eye-grabbing paintings, drawings, illustrations and enhanced much of the value lies in the educational opportunities....teachers and parents alike will relish the way this software lets a youngster learn such fine points as brush pressure and important techniques in digital graphics." August 6, 2005, Chicago Tribune. Read More...

“Like other graphics programs, “corefx” offers a powerful set of tools to create pictures and animations. What sets it apart is its three-level approach….”corefx”comes with a simple interface and useful help menu. Its graduated approach makes it great for families. It is also a good way for beginners to start with the basics and work their way up to more sophisticated graphics tools.” August 11, 2005, Herald Tribune

corefx Three Level was selected as one of the top eight new generation technology products that help children and young adults explore their creative side and aid in homework assignments. August 7, 2005, Parade Magazine.

corefx Three Level received the NAPPA Gold Award for Software from the National Association of Parenting Publications. “corefx is a blast. Turn your computer screen into a painting canvas with colorful pencils, paints, spirographics, clip art, textures and animations. Small children sit and scribble, paint and erase endlessly while teenagers scan in, embellish, improvise, animate and reinvent their art. Players stay riveted to the screen as one cool option beckons the next.” National Association of Parenting Publications. August 20, 2005 Read More...

corefx Three Level was recognized as a Teacher’s Pick in technology products.
August, 2005, Parent & Child Magazine, published by Scholastic.

“…this is primarily a great program to introduce children to computers and graphic design and give creative teenagers an outlet on their PCs….Anyone who masters this program can create stunning works of art.” August 22, 2005 , The Plain Dealer

corefx Three Level was given a maximum 5 rating by Nick Jr. Family Magazine. “There’s no need for high-end software like Photoshop for your beginning designer. This program, with textured paper, oodles of colors, clip art, and the ability to work a variety of file formats, is a top-notch starter…Finally, an affordable state-of-the art drawing program.”
September 5, 2005, Nick Jr. Family Magazine.

corefx Three Level was a Hottest Software Pick by Dingbat Magazine. “This is a super digital art creation tool…It will inspire anyone who tries it. Unlike basic digital painting programs, corefx reaches beyond the realm of generic effects into the realm of sublime surprise and experimentation…It’s a great program for nearly everyone.”
September 9, 2005 , Dingbat Magazine.

corefx Three Level was awarded the Silver Honor for Software from Parents’ Choice Foundation. “Here is a very good computer graphics program that brings together some of the best features of adult programs like Photoshop, Corel Draw and Sketcher into an easy-to-use program for youngsters. The program includes several levels of use from beginner to advanced, with appropriate tools for each level…Our grade school testers were able to make some very fine looking art after just a few minutes of familiarizing themselves with the various toolbars. They played creatively with this software, creating complex collages with the wide range of images( including animals, musical instruments and sports images), combining images and coloring them, freehand drawing and coloring using various brush, paint, and spray can simulating tools, and making kaleidoscopic patterns using the symmetry tool…”.
October 2005, Parents’ Choice Foundation

“…Most computer art programs for kids encourage coloring and stamps but do little to teach children how to mix colors, skew(tilt or otherwise distort) shapes, and work with various effects. Professional graphic design programs are expensive and often assume a level of competence children are unlikely to have…Not so corefx…an intuitive creative expression software program that teaches children how to work like graphic designers while simultaneously letting their creative juices flow….After installing the program, I turned my nine-year-old daughter loose on it. Within minutes she was easily navigating the junior level and creating a folder full of art. She gave it two thumbs up and five stars, then proceeded to spend the rest of the day creating - not a bad return on any investment." October 2005, California HomeSchooler. Read More...

corefx Three Level is included in the Holiday Gift Guide for Indy’s Child. “Liven up photos, create cards, and enhance Web sites and more with this amazingly realistic program….use everything from crayons and watercolors, paints and charcoal to create realistic images. Stamps provide hundreds of images that are great for printing for scrapbooks…”. November 2005, Indy’s Child

EvaluTech, a partnership between the North Carolina Department of Instruction and the Southern Regional Education Board, a resource – sharing consortium of 16 states, releases a very supportive assessment of corefx for use in schools. Noting no weaknesses as a productivity application, several strengths are mentioned. One particular strength is the selection of pre-set interfaces and the ability to customize the interface: “Interfaces also can be customized to meet individual preferences by adding/removing tools, increasing/decreasing tool button sizes, adding/removing menu options, rearranging tools, locking/unlocking toolbars, and creating toolbars with new functions.” The evaluation concludes: “corefx is an intuitive and versatile program that can be used throughout the curriculum to edit and create images and animations to illustrate projects, draw mind maps, and create storyboards.” November, 2005, EvaluTech , Southern Regional Education Board

“Though you can categorize it as a digital photo editor, corefx Three Level will appeal to art lovers of all ages. It offers basic tools such as crayons and paints for drawing, as well as more advanced features for editing and enhancing images and creating art work and animations for Web sites or desktop publishing projects.” December 2005, Consumer Electronics Lifestyles, Holiday Gift Guide


“Now your children( ages 5 and up) can paint, draw, animate and photo-edit just like Mom and Dad do with Photoshop. corefx Three Level has been racking up awards since it was introduced last spring. It's three skill levels make it ideal for novice computer users as well as experienced graphic artists.” December 2005, Coastal Family’s 2005 Holiday Gift Guide


“I purchased this software for my family and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. The realism in the effects is unreal, It’s as if you are actually painting on paper. You mix colors like you would with a regular paint palette, and as you paint your color fades when your paint is running out just like in real life. There are also plenty of other mediums as well from crayons to charcoal and much more. It also has plenty of images at your disposal to help with projects, or to turn into animations.

This software also has 3 different levels (basic, junior, advanced) which can be customized. So everyone in my family was able to use it with ease. My kids have used it for fun, and also for their projects at school. I recommend this software to everyone.” - March 28 2005, customer gives a 10 out of 10 rating and this review.


I love corefx. I'm disabled and an artist. Check my website at I give art workshops to the disabled. My fiancee gave me corefx for Christmas. And I love it. I will mention it at my watercolor workshops. It really simulates watercolor and other media. Excellent. I like to use it to do a test painting before I try it on paper with watercolors or acrylics.

Bob Mauro
Levittown, NY

corefx rocks (in the words of my children)…
My daughter (11) recreates her play day on this program. Instead of taking actual pictures she will draw certain scenarios that happened during the course of the day. We take digital photos as well but it is amazing to see a child recreate her day in such vivid illustrations. Instead of just writing in a diary, she will "draw" about it.

The creativity that is facilitated with this program is truly inspiring. As a teacher and as a mom, I highly recommend it. Thank you for delivering a great product.

New Milford, CT

“I'm certainly impressed by the program (corefx), and from a education point of view really like the ability to choose from three levels of complexity. The detail and realism of the output is also quite impressive. I especially love how the paint will ' bleed ' when using watercolor over a previously painted surface."

Roberta Bibbins
Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library

I came across corefx while trying to fine a "Natural Painting" program. It was the only one I could find at the time that would be considered a natural painting program that didn't cost an arm and a leg like Corel Painter IX.

I am currently comparing it to two other products; Corel Painter Essentials and Microsoft Acrylic. These are both natural painting programs that weigh in under $100.

The corefx interface is much more intuitive than either of the other programs. It gives the user a use scenario similar to the physical media, e.g. select a medium to paint on, and select a medium to paint with. I am primarily using it for "pencil" drawings. It is possible to select a "pencil", select a "color" that mimics a lead #2 pencil and draw. Then, by adjusting the "color" I can mimic either "harder" or "softer" pencils.

One of the most outstanding features of corefx that I haven't found with anything else is the color organizer. The ability to select a color pencil and mix it in another "color well" to get another mix of color is the best implementation of color mixing that mimics the physical method of doing it (although this is how it would be done physically for paint but not pencils, I still found it to be a very useful way of mixing colors for pencils).

Another outstanding feature is the onionskin feature. Although I don't use onionskinning for animation, I am able to use it to mix and illustrate photographs. As an example, I wanted to change the landscape in my backyard but couldn't visualize the effect. So, I took some digital pictures of the back yard as it is now, loaded a picture into corefx, added a page for onionskin and penciled in the changes I wanted. Since I could see the photo as the background with my illustrations on the onionskin I was able to see how the changes would look. A wonderful feature. As far as it compares to Painter Essentials or Acrylic I find myself returning to corefx primarily because its an easier interface to use.

M.D., Shelton, WA

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