Language Arts


English Grammar I

Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Nouns and Verbs

English Grammar II Essentials

Unit 5, Lesson 1 - Types of Nouns

English Grammar III Essentials

Unit 1, Lesson 2 - Using Adjectives and Adverbs

English Grammar & Writing IV

Unit 3, Lesson 1 - Pronoun Antecedent Agreement


Flipchart Lesson for Interactive Whiteboards

English Grammar II Essentials

Unit 1, Lesson 2A - Subject - Teaches about the role and identification of subject parts of sentences, the use of nouns to form subject sentence parts and the difference between common nouns and proper nouns.

The lesson contains 16 instruction pages with activities, 4 printable practice sheet pages, an answer sheet, and 5 quiz questions for scoring with ActiVotes or ActivExpressions voting devices.

* Requires ActivInspire which can be downloaded
for free from


English Grammar II Essentials Glossary (PDF)

English Grammar III Essentials Glossary (PDF)


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