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Math Course 3 - Geometric Shapes v2.0

Math Course 3 - Geometric Shapes v2.0

Math Course 3, Geometric Shapes: Step by Step 2.0 addresses the properties of common geometric shapes including triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, cubes, prisms, and cones. Common geometric theorems are explained and proofs are provided. Concepts of symmetry, and transformation of shapes by translations, rotations, reflections, and magnifications, and uses of transformations in map scales and tessellations are also covered. The Geometric Shapes: Step by Step Course has 38 Lessons organized in 8 Units.

New Features Include:

• On screen audio-supported instruction
• Printable worksheets and answer sheets
• Lesson quizzes are now available
• Improved reporting and tracking

Product #: GSSL-0930  Price: $49.95

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