Teachers' Choice 2005 Finalist

Learning Magazine

Product: Fractions: Step By Step

What aspects of the product did you like the most?

I thought this was a very thorough program to reteach/enrich student understanding of fractions. There were a lot of activities to help students master each topic. The program was fairly easy to follow and use. Self-pacing is great!

I thought the program was very complete and the manuals were well written and easy to follow. The practice problems were also of a high quality to insure students mastered the concepts.

Both the workbook and guide are easy to follow and very appropriate for upper elementary students. The teacher's guide is very sequential and well written. Great tutorial!

The activities for students are sequential and the language used is easy to follow/understand. There seems to be enough problems in each area to help students master the concept.

How did you make use of the product, or integrate it into your lesson plans?

I used this product to meet individual student's needs, for enrichment or for remediation. I used it during math and also during free time for students to get the extra help they need.

I used this product to supplement my fractions unit in my math curriculum. I also could use it to meet individual students needs and the workbook gives problems that I could work on with my whole class if I wanted.

I used this product to teach lessons to the whole class, some to small groups, and to individualize instruction for those who need remediation as well as for those who need extension.

I used this product to supplement or replace the current materials that I use to teach fractions. I used the activities/problems for individual students, small groups, and whole groups. The activities make it easy to use them for introducing the concept, remediating the concept, or allowing students to move ahead.

Do you feel this product effectively helps you meet state/national standards?

Yes. All the skills students need to understand in order to work with fractions are taught in this program. Since fractions are a part of our standards I would say this product definitely meets the standards!

Yes. I think this product would help me meet the state/national standards for fractions. Again, it is because the program is very thorough and covers all the skills needed to understand fractions.

Yes, this product would help meet state and national standards for fractions. Again, it is because the skills are sequential and the product covers all the basic skills students need to know when working with fractions.

Definitely! Every skill that students need to understand about fractions and how they are used is covered by this product.

If funds were available, would you purchase this product OR recommend this product for the teacher at the appropriate grade level? Why or why not?

Yes, I would recommend this product to teachers who teach math for students in at least the fifth grade and higher. I also think it might be appropriate for resource room teachers in middle and high school. This product covers the concept of fractions.

I would recommend this product to teachers in the upper elementary grades, but I really think middle school math teachers would probably be more appropriate because of the level of difficulty included in the program. Resource room teachers would benefit.

If funds were available, I would strongly recommend this product to upper elementary teachers, resource room teachers at the elementary to middle school level, and even parents who might be looking for a way to help their child, because this product does a very good job of teaching fractions.

Yes I would recommend this product to upper elementary through basic math teachers in high school. I think this product is appropriate for these grade levels because the product covers from the very basic idea of fractions to more complicated skills using fractions.


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