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I love corefx. I'm disabled and an artist. Check my website at www.geocities.com/ram9872002. I give art workshops to the disabled. My fiancee gave me corefx for Christmas. And I love it. I will mention it at my watercolor workshops. It really simulates watercolor and other media. Excellent. I like to use it to do a test painting before I try it on paper with watercolors or acrylics.

Bob Mauro
Levittown, NY

I came across corefx while trying to fine a "Natural Painting" program. It was the only one I could find at the time that would be considered a natural painting program that didn't cost an arm and a leg like Corel Painter IX.

I am currently comparing it to two other products; Corel Painter Essentials and Microsoft Acrylic. These are both natural painting programs that weigh in under $100.

The corefx interface is much more intuitive than either of the other programs. It gives the user a use scenario similar to the physical media, e.g. select a medium to paint on, and select a medium to paint with. I am primarily using it for "pencil" drawings. It is possible to select a "pencil", select a "color" that mimics a lead #2 pencil and draw. Then, by adjusting the "color" I can mimic either "harder" or "softer" pencils.

One of the most outstanding features of corefx that I haven't found with anything else is the color organizer. The ability to select a color pencil and mix it in another "color well" to get another mix of color is the best implementation of color mixing that mimics the physical method of doing it (although this is how it would be done physically for paint but not pencils, I still found it to be a very useful way of mixing colors for pencils).

Another outstanding feature is the onionskin feature. Although I don't use onionskinning for animation, I am able to use it to mix and illustrate photographs. As an example, I wanted to change the landscape in my backyard but couldn't visualize the effect. So, I took some digital pictures of the back yard as it is now, loaded a picture into corefx, added a page for onionskin and penciled in the changes I wanted. Since I could see the photo as the background with my illustrations on the onionskin I was able to see how the changes would look. A wonderful feature. As far as it compares to Painter Essentials or Acrylic I find myself returning to corefx primarily because its an easier interface to use.

M.D., Shelton, WA

corefx rocks (in the words of my children)…
My daughter (11) recreates her play day on this program. Instead of taking actual pictures she will draw certain scenarios that happened during the course of the day. We take digital photos as well but it is amazing to see a child recreate her day in such vivid illustrations. Instead of just writing in a diary, she will "draw" about it.

The creativity that is facilitated with this program is truly inspiring. As a teacher and as a mom, I highly recommend it. Thank you for delivering a great product.

S.P., New Milford, CT

“I purchased this software (corefx) for my family and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. The realism in the effects is unreal, It’s as if you are actually painting on paper. You mix colors like you would with a regular paint palette, and as you paint your color fades when your paint is running out just like in real life. There are also plenty of other mediums as well from crayons to charcoal and much more. It also has plenty of images at your disposal to help with projects, or to turn into animations.

This software also has 3 different levels (basic, junior, advanced) which can be customized. So everyone in my family was able to use it with ease. My kids have used it for fun, and also for their projects at school. I recommend this software to everyone.”

March 28 2005, Amazon.com customer gives a 10 out of 10 rating and this review.


My child was experiencing difficulty in making simple calculations. His numeracy skills really needed a boost something bad. I have to tell you that my child has experienced a 180 degree turn-around in numeracy and specifically multiplying and dividing thanks to Core Learning.

They have a series of 4 software products called the Calculation Skills Series:

  • Calculation Skills V1 - Addition & Subtraction, Basic Level
  • Calculation Skills V2 - Multiplication and Division, Basic Level
  • Calculation Skills V3 - Addition & Subtraction, Advanced Level
  • Calculation Skills V4 - Multiplication and Division, Advanced Level

which has turned my child into a walking calculating whiz! I highly recommend their products!

thn61 - Concerned Parent

The Calculation Skills Series was an incredible help to my son. He really knows
his numbers now!

Mrs L. Eldridge
Palm Desert, California

Everything received perfect. Awesome product – my daughter loves it! - Calculation Skills Series

Wauconda, IL


I would just like to take the opportunity to personally thank Core Learning for the 180 degree turnaround that my daughter has displayed in months. - Fractions: Step by Step

W. A. Monroe
Newmarket, Ontario

"You sent me the Fractions demo cd. My 11 yr old son loved it! I will present it to the school principal with the highest praise and hopefully the school will order some of your programs. They seem wonderful. Thank you.

Trish Kruger
Omemee, Ontario


Those CD's are really cool. Whoever came up with them is really smart and has a good idea about what kids might like. - Health for Kids Series

Alanna Yoon, 11 yrs. old
Dallas, Texas

Core Learning's Health for Kids Series gave my children fun and entertaining information about how their bodies work. My husband and I learned a few things too!

Mrs L. Eldridge
Palm Desert, California

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