"Thank you again.  The kids are loving corefx and have been trying all the new things you showed them.  I am trying to save Fridays as "Free art time" where they aren't working on an assigned project but instead have time to explore the program to see what they can create.  As we all become more familiar with corefx, I am sure more amazing works of art will evolve! "

" I had to remove my students from their "trance" after our session!  They LOVED it! "

Orinda School

I love corefx. I'm disabled and an artist. Check my website at www.geocities.com/ram9872002. I give art workshops to the disabled. My fiancee gave me corefx for Christmas. And I love it. I will mention it at my watercolor workshops. It really simulates watercolor and other media. Excellent. I like to use it to do a test painting before I try it on paper with watercolors or acrylics.

Bob Mauro
Levittown, NY

corefx rocks (in the words of my children)…
My daughter (11) recreates her play day on this program. Instead of taking actual pictures she will draw certain scenarios that happened during the course of the day. We take digital photos as well but it is amazing to see a child recreate her day in such vivid illustrations. Instead of just writing in a diary, she will "draw" about it.

The creativity that is facilitated with this program is truly inspiring. As a teacher and as a mom, I highly recommend it. Thank you for delivering a great product.

New Milford, CT

“I'm certainly impressed by the program (corefx), and from a education point of view really like the ability to choose from three levels of complexity. The detail and realism of the output is also quite impressive. I especially love how the paint will ' bleed ' when using watercolor over a previously painted surface."

Roberta Bibbins
Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library



"Excellent resources to accelerate and remediate students...The Textbook and workbook are great tools and support one another. These would be great resources for helping students build or review basic skills...Great Help Guide."

Middle School Teacher about the Fractions Math Course,


"I have worked with at-risk youth for 18 years. I have found Core Learning's Fractions:Step by Step to be clear, to the point and concise. It is easy to understand and teach. Positive Solutions has worked with young people since 1979. We are always looking for a cutting edge curriculum, always trying to bring in the best for the students and Core Learning's Fractions Step by Step meets that need. "

Pam Solitaire, Principal
San Antonio Positive Solutions Charter School, San Antonio, Texas, USA


"My thoughts from reviewing the ( Fractions Math Course) text are that it would be a very useful tool for remedial support in a 5, 6 and 7 classroom as part of a homework program. Parents would appreciate this type of software. It does assess student skill level in fractions through repetition in a way parents understand. The print out certificates would make students feel they have accomplished something."

Mathematics Consultant, Peel Board of Education, Canada


“I have looked through the books for the Math programs and they are impressive. It is set out very clearly, and the Workbook and Textbook match very well, so it is easy to find the related topics for each. The Help Guide written for parents and teachers is also very clear, and there is a useful Glossary of maths terms. There are lots of ideas for practical work, using fractions in everyday situations in the Workbook."

Joyce Hull
Mathematics Text Author, UK


“Core Learning's Fractions Step-by-Step is a program that is clear, concise and easy to use. The Learner is motivated by the simple review-do-reinforce design of each of the sections. The Learner can also set the pace and schedule of learning. The Helper can easily assist and support the Learner through well-prepared tips and guides. Overall, the product is designed so Learners apply what they learn rather than just accumulate knowledge."

Dr. Celia Richardson, EdD
Independent Learning Consultant, London, England

At long last a true self-help learning resource that works for the teaching of fractions. Fractions: Step by Step uses an exciting pedagogical approach that attracts learners no matter what his/her learning style might be. With the use of the CD-ROM, textbook and Help Guide a learner proceeds to learn at his/her own pace. It is a powerful resource for the remedial teaching of fractions. I highly recommend Fractions: Step by Step."

Leo Normandeau
Former Ontario Teacher/Principal

"For educators and parents Core Learning has provided an integrated system for guided individualized instruction which is simple and complete. The (Math Course) Textbook, Workbook and Help Guide cover the appropriate basic mathematic concepts which will enhance and promote application based learning at any level of student learning. Whether it is to improve a knowledge base or pass a proficiency test this is a quality product for the student of today and tomorrow."

Dr. David M. Hutton, Superintendent
Bay City Public Schools, Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A.


“I finally got a chance to check out the math programs you sent to me. The Fractions unit was extremely detailed and specific. The colors, pictures and real life examples are a great way to keep students motivated. The expectations that were being met were very clear as well as where the students area of difficulty was. With many similar computer programs students are able to skip levels and I think the fact that this program encourages them to learn and re-try each level along the way helps them to see that practice really does make perfect (even for me!) …

Karen Druyf


Fractions is divided into different units of study, which the child cannot move onto a different unit until they have mastered the current unit. For students, it's really helpful how after taking the quiz it tells you which concepts need to be further developed. The units are nicely organized and build on the previous units in a logical order. The textbook exercises and activities are easy to follow and very thorough in the explanations.

Julie Couto, Teacher, The Valleys Senior Public School


Calculation Skills

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario Voice,
Summer 2006, Vol. 8 No. 4

This set of four CDs is a great way to help students learn and reinforce basic calculation skills. Divided by operations and skill level, it works well not only with students needing extra support, but also helps extend basic numeration skills and higher level calculation skills for junior and intermediate students.

Right now, the software (which is easy to install and run) is available only for Windows platforms. The interface is easy to master for students from about grades 2 or 3, and the teacher tracking tools are extremely simple to use. Questions can initially be set for a specific level of difficulty and, as mastery develops, the questions get increasingly more challenging. Each section begins with a cheat sheet, or review, to help students understand the concepts it covers.

While the questions involve drills rather than problem solving, they allow for good review and consolidation of skills, it's a novel approach and allows all ages to easily understand and use it with enthusiasm. The section on money questions is enjoyable for students who like working through the question both individually and in teams.

Wayne Rockel
Billy Green School in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board


The Calculation Skills Series was good. I am glad to see the "cheat sheets" at the beginning to remind students to use things like multiplication charts. This would be a great tool to use to show the students how much they can improve from one term to the next. … I teach grade 3.”

Karen Druyf



“These two sets of CDs offer excellent support for health and science programs.

Health for kids is made up of two volumes – Explore Your Body and Explore Your Health. Designed for Grades 3 to 5 they support topics and concepts related to the human body and how it works to stay healthy. The information is presented in an animated, interesting, and interactive format, with sections on the respiratory, immune, and digestive systems; taste; smell; and dental hygiene. The screens are interactive; for example, students click on a part of the respiratory system and a close-up picture with text appears.

Students can also navigate animated episodes which follow a diverse group of characters as they travel through the respiratory, immune, and upper digestive systems. Short content quizzes are included with the animated episodes.

The five-volume Health Beats Series, for Grades 5 to 8, includes volumes on the human body, illnesses and injury, healthy living, becoming an adult, and emotional health. ( This series is also sold as the Family Health series.) The information is appropriately geared to the junior and intermediate student and delivered through a variety of methods – from text and interactive labeled diagrams, to games and activities.

Students are engaged as they click on diagrams to see close-ups to learn more about specific body parts, follow the path of a hamburger as it travels through the digestive system, or watch what happens to the lungs when a person smokes. Quizzes and activities offer feedback throughout.

The Lesson Builder CDs that accompany each volume are an additional, invaluable resource for teachers and provide printable quizzes, worksheets and activities that can be used for assessment.

This is a highly recommended addition to the school library or classroom software collection.”

Voice, October 2006 ( a publication by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario) Re: Health for Kids Series and Family Health Series


The "Explore Your Body" demos are very interactive and engaging for the viewer. The student is involved throughout the whole learning experience as they must answer questions and complete quick quizzes to review the new material. Students would definitely be intrigued by these programs and benefit from these learning experiences! “

Julie Couto, Teacher, The Valleys Senior Public School


“As a health care professional, I am very impressed with the Family Health Series by Core Learning. I reviewed all of the volumes and feel they would be very useful in the health care setting to reinforce information provided to children and their families on anatomy and physiology or specific ailments.

The Family Health Series offers fun learning objective on the young person’s level on a variety of topics including anatomy and physiology, emotional health, and disease states. The graphics are very well done and learning objectives are reinforced with fun games. I liked that the program is designed for the child to read the information themselves so the learning would not be passive, but interactive. The software was easy to use and loaded effortlessly on both MAC and PC.

The volume Illnesses and Injuries was my favorite. The topics were very well explained in a logical sequence. I particularly liked the diabetes section, which takes the learner through the pathophysiology of diabetes and the medical and diet treatment. Explanations of the role of insulin and the use of glucose in the body were simple and accompanied by wonderful graphics.

My 11 year old daughter reviewed the programs as well and she says The Body was a really fun and interesting way to learn about stuff inside your body like your blood, brain, digestive system. I liked the games where you matched the words to the pictures. Emotional Health was very helpful in talking about ways to handle stress, moving, new schools, and a lot more. I liked the ‘moving game’.”

Overall, I feel the Family Health Series is a wonderful asset for young people to learn about general physical and emotional health topics in a fun and age-appropriate manner. I feel this series could be a resource for families in the classroom, physician’s waiting room, or in-patient setting. I highly recommend the Family Health Series to health care professionals.”

Jennifer Yoon, RD, LD - Pediatric Dietitian, Dallas, Texas

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