Finding What You Need

Core Learning offers a wide selection of educational software programs and online learning services.

Buying Software vs. Online

If you are not sure if the software is exactly what you need, try a low cost, 1 month online subscription first. Online subscriptions are convenient and cost effective plus you can access the program from any computer. Online services also do not utilize as much of your computers hard disk space as does installed software. Purchasing software though can be a better choice, especially if more than one person wants to use the program.

Choose a Subject:

  1. Getting Math Help
  2. Developing English Language & Writing Skills
  3. Developing Creativity Skills
  4. Understanding Science
  5. Health Living and Coping with Life

1. Getting Math Help

If a student is just looking for some homework help or wants to assess learning needs, we recommend a one month Math Course subscription. The Unit tests can be used to assess knowledge of the important learning objectives covered by the lessons in that Unit.

Math Courses are good for enriched and accelerated learning. Students work at their own pace and can easily move beyond their grade level. Each course has identified a 'target' grade level which are the grades where the majority of the learning objectives are taught in school.

If a student needs remedial help, the approach will depend upon grade level. Math is a sequential subject - certain skills need to be acquired to move to other areas. Here are some suggestions:

  • the student is at grade 3 or below; try Math Skill Builder or the Basic Level Calculation Skills titles; this will help the student develop number sense and math facts knowledge.

  • the student is in grade 4 or 5; start with Basic Measurement; it is the conceptually easiest of the Math Courses; then try Fractions; if number sense is poor, then Math Skill Builder should be used before the Math Courses.

  • the student is in grades 6 to 8; the student will benefit from any of the 4 courses and should have mastered the concepts in all 4 courses before graduating to high school; the order in which Math Courses should be taken are: Basic Measurement, Fractions, Decimals & Percents and then Geometric Shapes. The Decimals & Percents course Course is especially important as it provides a good foundation for learning high school Algebra.

2. Developing English Language & Writing Skills

The importance of English grammar and writing skills may be self-evident but these skills are not often explicitly taught in schools across North America. Students need to master the structure and form of expression of the English language including punctuation, capitalization and the design of good written paragraphs. The Language Arts Companion Series has 4 courses:

  • English Grammar I is an introductory course. It is appropriate for students in grades 2 to 4 and for ESL students.

  • English Grammar II Essentials and English Grammar III Essentials are complementary courses that comprehensively cover the most important elements of English grammar usage to creative writing techniques. Although aligned with national curriculum for grades 5 to 7, these two courses are appropriate for upper elementary, middle school and high school students.

  • English Grammar IV explores more advanced grammar concepts and creative writing principles. This course is suitable for middle school to high school students who already have a good understanding of grammar concepts.

3. Developing Creativity Skills

Thinking creatively and expressing one's creative thoughts are important skills in an increasingly knowledge based economy. Both the corefx and Crayola® Art Studio provide ample opportunity for exploring artistic expression. Crayola Art Studio is especially suited for young children while corefx, with a broader range of tools and features, will engage users of all ages and skill levels. For learning about the principles of artistic expression, try Creativity Express. The animated visual art lessons are suitable for elementary and middle school children.

4. Understanding Science

Core Learning offers a series of science software programs that provide tools for exploring scientific concepts in meaningful and engaging ways. There are 2 programs for middle school and high school students:

  • Simulation Insight - this software simulates real laboratory experiments.

  • Control Insight - this software controls mechanical and electrical circuits.

Each of these titles has a corresponding Junior version for elementary and middle school students. Get your student/child interested in science with Simulation Insight or Control Insight. These science programs also help develop important computer skills.

5. Healthy Living and Coping with Life

The Family Health Series provides an engaging but important reference for all members of the family on how the body works, how to prevent or treat illnesses, how to live a healthy lifestyle, appropriate social behavior and various emotional health issues such as coping with stress, managing conflict and the nature of our emotions and mental well-being.


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